Hi everybody,

This is my first visit to this site (and forum). I spent the last few hours browsing through the messages, and I realy enjoyed the cooperation and helpful tips you guys give.

I have a question, which I couldn’t get an answer from the messages I saw. If someone knows the answer – this would be a great help for me.

I’m using a new USB external multi-channel sound card (Gigaport by ESI) which has 8 analogue output channels.
This device comes with an ASIO driver, which I installed on my 98SE system.

I want to play different audio files through the different channels of this audio device (simultaniously).
Does somebody have an idea how can I do this?
How can I address to a specifig output in my audio device?

Please remember – this device uses an ASIO driver.

Thanks a lot,

   Eyal    :D
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when the fmod 4 will be ?

it is a hard work to write some code in fmod 3.6 to set the output channel in ASIO ?
I’m looking for sound engine that support multiple ASIO channels and plays mp3.

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