Ive got three streams of mp3 files running over the top of each other.

I now want to play a sample over the top.

Ive tried to run it very simply: like this

channel4 = FSOUND_PlaySoundEx(FSOUND_FREE, sample, NULL, TRUE);
FSOUND_SetPaused(channel4, FALSE);

the sample works until the first stream is loaded, it then wont play over the top of the stream??

please help!

Thanks a lot

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No reason you shouldn’t be able to do this…

Couple of things to check.

It’s best to use FSOUND_FREE for your channels, instead of giving absolute
channel numbers, fmod dynamically assigns channels, and you may
have problems trying to restart a sound on a channel if that channel has
been reassigned since you last tried to play the sample on it. Just make
sure you store the returned channel handle, so you can reference the
channel that was assigned to stop the sound on etc.

I don’t think this will be a problem, but you might want to check how many
channels are available by calling FSOUND_GetMaxChannels(), just in case
you are running out of channels.

maybe you could post code that shows what you’re doing, what you posted
just shows me you can play one sound, but doesn’t show how the rest of
your code ties into it all
– just the relevant stuff will do

hope that helps, or that I can be more help next time

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streams or samples?

They make a big difference 😉

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What do you mean? I need both.

The sample works on its own

then i load and play the streams, and they work fine
but, once the streams are going the sample won’t play over the top of them.

Just need all to play at once

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