Hi, im kinda new here.

I updated to the newest fmod and now my music streams stopped working?!

I tried to use the old .dll and then it worked just fine again.
Anyone know what I’m doing wrong??

// Init

// Load song
m_pStream = FSOUND_Stream_OpenFile("Audio/fightsong.mp3", FSOUND_HW3D, 0);

// Now we will play the current song loaded
music_channel = FSOUND_Stream_Play(FSOUND_FREE, m_pStream);

When I do the FSOUND_Stream_OpenFile it only returns NULL…
Very strange indeed…

Thanks in advance!

I’ve found out the problem is FSOUND_HW3D. When I load it with FSOUND_NORMAL it works fine, in fact it works in all modes except HW3D…

This is really wierd, because it worked fine in the previous version of fmod.

Anyone know what I’ve runned into? Is it a bugg or am I doing something wrong??

Please answer me.

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