Hi all,

Newbie question time. I have been playing with FMOD and have been trying to write a simple C application which plays an MP3 with a low pass filter. I discovered the tutorials about DSP and have looked at the code for fmodsample. This however has confused the h*ll outta me!

After copying large sections out of the example, when I called the FSOUND_CreateDSP(…), my app would crash with an access violation. I am unable to see the difference between what I have and the example in the tutorial/fmodsample.

I also looked in the fmod API and found a reference to FSOUND_Stream_CreateDSP. As I am using a stream to play the MP3s (this part is working \o/), I figure that i need to use this to create a low pass filter. Is this correct. Does anyone have a simple example of a low pass filter working on streams?

I would greatly appriciate any help on this!

Many thanks,

David Glover

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