Hi all,

I am using the newest version of Fmod on an IPAQ running pocket pc. In my app I’m using the following command upon startup :

while (!FSOUND_Init(32000, 32, 0) && retrycount < 10) {

After this command is issued, I try to do Messagebeep(0) but nothing is heard. If I go to the File explorer and try to open a Wave file to play using Media player, nothing happens. When I try to go to Settings > sounds and try to play a sound over there, I get the message : “The sound file could not be played. Your device may not support audio ouput.”
As soon as I kill my app, everything works fine again.

So the problem is this : If I play an mp3 file in my app, everything is just
fine. If I try to do a Messagebeep in my app, or use anything else that issues sound (eg Text-to-speech), I get nothing. Any ideas?????

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