Hello, I just downloaded FMOD 3.63
I am using Linux Mandrake 9 .
I was writing an application on GTK that makes use of FMOD for simple sound playback. (some .xm files and some .wav)
I was using 3.61 and the response was very pleasing. However, once i upgraded to 3.63 there is much lattency in sample playback (i mean really noticable). Linking against 3.61 fixes the problem

Adjusting the buffer size with FSOUND_SetBufferSize() (tried as low as 50) produces no result.

Is it something specific to this release? Since it works on 3.61 i doubt it has to do with my SBLive drivers.

Thank you,

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I’ve a simillar problem. I’m making a game with 3dsound und got around 1200 fps with fmod 3.62.
After the Upgrade, i had ~99 fps. 😮 I profiled my app and the
cpu-time-waster was FSOUND_Update()

My System:
Linux (Suse 8.1)
1,4 Ghz Athlon
512 MbRam

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I tried 3.62 and i got the same result with 3.63, apparently the change came with 3.61 -> 3.62.

Firstly let me explain how i am using it. I call FSOUND_SetBufferSize(50) , then INIT.

The sound get’s played by a callback in GTK, triggered through an event. (Specificaly when text is inserted on a textBuffer widget)
The sound is a small WAV.
Now, Using 3.61 i hear the sound almost instantly. However, when i go to 3.62 or greater there is a noticable lag between the triggering of the event and the actuall playback.

Adjusting FSOUND_SetBufferSize() to 50 (That’s the smallest according to the manual) does not make any noticable difference.

I don’t use much of the API for this. all i do is load some samples (FSOUND_Sample_Load()) on program start-up and then use FSOUND_PlaySound().

PIII 1Ghz / 512 RAM
2.4.21 Vanilla kernel
SBLive 5.1 Platinum (with EMU10k1 drivers compiled in kernel)

It does not really matter to me anymore (the program is a hobby project) but if you think you want some feedback then i will be glad to provide you with what you want.

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[quote:2ogmp1u1]whats the big deal with having a framerate of 99fps?[/quote:2ogmp1u1]
The prob. is that fmod takes 99% of the performance I need for rendering, ki and physiks!
I switched back to fmod 3.62 and now everthing is fine again.
Hope you exclude the sleep(0) in the next release. 😕

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