When I load an AVI file in my game, I get an exception when the application gets closed (same when I load it using the fmod player). Actually, it seems that fmod forgets to release some DirectShow objects:

ASSERT Failed!
Executable: fmod.exe Module quartz.dll, 7 objects left active!
At Line 317 of d:\builds\nt32_chk\multimedia\published\dxmdev\dshowdev\base\dllentry.cpp
Continue?(Cancel to debug)

In addition, when I change the current playing position, following error occurs:
At line 3147 of d:\builds...\base\amfilter.cpp
and next:
g_cFGObjects == 0
line 5868 of d:\builds...\dshow\filters\core\filgraph\filgraph\filgraph.cpp

I’m using DirectX9, fmod3.63 and get the error with almost any avi file.

Thanks a lot and have fun

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Thanks! 😉

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/me wonders how many more of the 3.xx series will come out.

Wasn’t it a few versions ago (around 3.60) that you said it was the last of the 3.xx series?

Just hassling you. :)

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