This is a pretty basic question 😆

I am having conflicting definitions for what the difference is between an order and a row in a mod file… I would appreciate anyone who knows the difference :)

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the order is the same thing of a pattern. The only different thing is that the mod file stores inside it the order of the patterns to be played, so usually the pattern that is currently playing is called “current order” or just “order”.
The row is the basic component of the pattern. Usually a pattern is composed of 64 rows. A row is a line on which appear notes and effect per each channel. The player plays the notes and the effects of the first row of the pattern then, after a short period of time (see below), the player plays the second row, and so on…
When it came to the last row, it will just drop to the next order (note that it can be the same pattern that has just played!) and so on, until the song finishes.

The short amount of time is calculated in this way:

for example, with standard mod values for bpm and speed (125 and 6) you have:
Hz=(125*2)/5 = 50
Period= 1/50 = 0.02 secs = 20 ms
time=20 ms * 6 = 120 ms

so the player will drop to the next row after 120 ms.
Really, the player won’t just idle for 120 ms, but every “Period” ms (20 ms in our case) will perform some kinds of effects on each channel (like volume slide up/down, or portamentos, and other things…) for “songspeed” times (6 in our case), so you get 120 ms of latency.

I hope I was clear enough, sorry my bad english…

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