Hi i’m quite new to fmod and I can’t figure out how to feed mp3 data to a custom stream..
I tried to use FSOUND_Stream_OpenFile and to modify the buffer after reading but i need some sync then… but is this working ?

if it is not possible to do so then is there a trick to play mp3 data by chunks (loaded as reading goes), without blanks/cliks ?

Thanx for any help =)


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thanx !

i chose to phreak with the callbacks.. might be more powerfull i think..

however i am still in trouble since i cant seek my data and fmod wants to..
(when i open my stream it seeks to the end and calls the tell callback, probably to see its length…)

is there a way to disable seeking or hack it ?
I cant give any length because i want to play the stream as long as i get data..

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