and again, sorry for posting like MAD ;P
the important part for u is at the end…

just found in the bas for vb by adion:

‘I don’t know how to handle these in VB yet…’
hmm 😉
we have the pointer. we can simply get th epointer aof an single-array in vb and copy the memory into it
i’ve got a bunch of ideas, but there is a problem:

where i try to call DSP_GetSpectrum my vb means, that there is not such an function in the dll ?!?!? or just a typing-error with the ordinals?

and another question:
the pointer fmod returns, is it to the data of the array, or dose it also include the array-descriptor?
i don’t know how it is in c.

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As you might have already seen, I have made a very clean and easy to use function that is included in the bas file.
Using this shouldn’t be too hard, it just takes a very little bit more time/performance then in C because you have to copy the array, but that doesn’t really matter.
As you might have seen, the pointer points directly to the data. I don’t think there is any array-overhead in c.
For brett:
Would it be possible to have a function to change the update-frequency of the spectrum?
I think that for some programs/purposes a less-frequent spectrum would do fine, but in my program it would be handy to have an even more accurate spectrum (for beat-detection)
I also hope the next version of fmod will be able to use the spectrum for each stream seperately and that stream-dsp’s in general can work with buffers of 25/50 ms instead of 100 ms.
You said you did this for the disk actions (reading), but you could also read 100 ms or more ahead, but pass pieces of 25/50 ms to the dsp and then to the sound card.
This way, it would even be handy to increase the buffersize to 200->500 ms or so, to make sure any disk access won’t interupt the sound, but still have accurate and fast dsp’s.

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OH SHIT!!!! FUC***

to lazy to scroll down!!! this is just what i’m trying all the day!

super sorry, just read the ‘dont know..’

and also thx for this with the dll (last topc) it works!


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was using the fmod 3.33 dll.

will inform u if i get the array…

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ok, i’ve no idea hox this is done in c++.

i just tried to set the pointer-to-the-descriptor of a singlearray tu the adrs fmod gives.

but my array is still empty.

i don’t know if the pointer fmod gives me point to the descriptor or the data or whereever to?????

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