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I’m using FMOD to build an MP3 Jukebox type application.. what happens is that first of all, the program will loop through a specified number of playlists, playing a random ‘preview’ track from each for a set number of seconds, which is fine. When the user clicks the mouse button, the program will change state and play through the entire playlist until it’s finished, then will go back to the aforementioned preview state.

Whenever the button is clicked again to fully play through a playlist, nothing can be heard. A further click of the button will return to the preview state, which works fine.

What usually happens is that during the preview state, the songs will be loaded and played at the time of playing, whilst when playing the entire playlist all of the tracks will be preloaded before playing.

These are all FSOUND_STREAMs that are being created, and they are all being given a channel without error when the streams are played, and only ever works on the first time that a full playlist is being played, but works fine in the preview state. I use GetError() afterwards but that seems fine too.

I’m just wondering whether there should be any specific flags that should have been set, or anything I should look out for.

Thanks for any help..


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Thanks for the reply..

Originally they were being played using FSOUND_FREE, but to test it I changed it so that all tracks were using channel 0.
I noticed that when using FSOUND_FREE, the channel numbers are incremented, even though previously used streams were being freed – will it eventually go back and reuse channels that have nothing playing on them?

I have actually sorted it now, and it was a problem with my system rather than FMOD (surprise surprise). The system isnt too bad, really, maybe I just explained it wrong.

Thanks though

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