We have a driving/bicycling simulator (somewhat similar
to car racing games but in a large immersive 3-walled graphics system
and used for research instead of just fun!). The simulator can produce lots of traffic on the roads, but up to now the vehicles have not had
sound associated with them.

We’ve learned the basics of 3D sound and can use MS DirectSound and
FMOD. Our big questions now are:

  • what is a good way to control basic varying engine sounds?
    E.g. even in just one gear, a vehicle might accelerate and
    decellerate in a variety of ways (going from x RMP to y RPM
    in z seconds, or up a little then down a little more quickly, etc.)
    What sound samples can one use to produce this?
    Do you start with a few “idling at x RPM” samples and then appropriate
    modify/blend these to produce sounds for other RPMs?
    Or might you start with a sample that contains the full range of
    RPMs and then sample from it??
    It seems that many people must have done this kind of thing but
    we haven’t seen descriptions on the WWW.

  • after the first step, we’ll want to add in other components – tire noise,
    shifting gears, etc. Pointers to info on those things (including
    places to get good car sounds) would be appreciated also.

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