Hi all,

I have a weird problem while stopping a stream. The application hangs on the call of FSOUND_Stream_Stop.

Here is the code when allocating resources

[code:1vjs90a5] FSOUND_Init(FFrequency, nbChannels, FSOUND_INIT_GLOBALFOCUS);

     FStream := FSOUND_Stream_Create( FullAudioCallBack,
                                      FSOUND_NORMAL or FSOUND_16BITS or ifthen(ActualFile.FParent.Channels=2, FSOUND_STEREO, FSOUND_MONO),
                                      FFrequency ,
                                      Integer(Pointer(self)) );

     If FStream = nil then
        Raise Exception.Create(SU_Sound_AllocationDesFluxImpossible+ GetErrorMsg( FSOUND_GetError() ));

     // Evenement sur la fin du STREAM //
     FSOUND_Stream_SetEndCallback( FStream, StopCallBack, Integer(Pointer(self)));

     FDSP := FSOUND_Stream_CreateDSP( FStream, DSPCallBack, FSOUND_DSP_DEFAULTPRIORITY_USER, Integer(Pointer(self)));
     FSOUND_DSP_SetActive(FDSP, True);[/code:1vjs90a5]

Now, when i stress with multiple PLAY/STOP, with short delay between stop and play, on the stream the application hangs.

Does anyone get this problem before me ?
Please !! Help !!

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