Hi Brett ( I know you’ll be 1st to read this!),
I was debugging my application on my ipaq, and suddenly started getting access violation crashes. I tried it on code i hadn’t modified and it also crashed. I check my dll’s and libs were ok ( fmodce363 ), and they were.
I am loading an xm file from resources, using

FMUSIC_LoadSongEx((const char *)s, (int)size,FSOUND_LOADMEMORY,NULL,NULL);

and it was on this line the crash happened. I hadn’t touched this code at all in months..and it was working.

After much faffing around, on a hunch i decided to delete some apps from the main memory on my ipaq, and suddenly it all started working again.

It looks like the fmod routine didn’t have enough room to decompress the xm or something, and caused a crash. Is this possible?


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