From reading archived threads, I believe I understood that under
the forthcoming FMOD version 4, MIDI files will be played through
an internal player, rather than by dmusic.

Does this mean under version 4:
A) That MIDI playback will work under Linux?
B) That I can also choose a standard output device to play the
MIDI through (like a soundcard’s external MIDI port, or Timidity
under Linux, for example?)


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A) Yes (i think so)
B) It depend on the sound driver used (esd, alsa, oss …) but i think that Alsa support this function. Although, i think that the Jack Api (Linux Asio equivalent) can perform this task.

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Thanks for your quick response!

If I may make a suggestion, it would probably be most useful (and
least problematic for the coders) if there were a direct external-out
path, rather than going through mixers/dsp, etc. In other words, if
I have a midi keyboard hooked up to my soundcard midi port, I’d
basically just want to:

A) Get number of midi devices (software synths and external ports)
B) Enumerate them by name
C) Choose a device
D) Play a file directly to the device. So if the .mid song has one track
that’s a Grand Piano, the keyboard is going to receive and play it just
like that.
E) Pause/Resume/Stop the playback at any point.

If you want to throw in some simple controls for tempo or pitch changing,
that’s great, but not wholly necessary in a real-time playback library.

ALSA support is a must here on Linux – I’ve had a world of problems
getting the oss /dev/sequencer to behave on a number of soundcards.

Any wild-ass feelings (understanding that we won’t hold you to it) about
how far off version 4 is?

Thanks again,

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