This is a continuation of my last question (simulated car sounds in FMOD)
I have a library of sound samples stored in an array with the lowest index being the lowest in pitch, and the largest index being the highest in pitch. I use my own volume and frequency controls to mix these samples, however, i only want 2 samples loaded at one time. To load the initial samples, i use the function:

samp[0] = FSOUND_Sample_Load(FSOUND_FREE, <filename>, FSOUND_HW3D, 0);

this works fine and i can hear the car sounds, however, when I need to load a new sample, Im not exactly sure I have the syntax right.
I use:

FSOUND_Sample_Upload(samp[0], <new filename>, FSOUND_HW3D);

However, the initially loaded sound doesnt seem to stop playing, even after Ive paused it and supposedly reloaded a new sample…
Do I need to use


before i upload a new sample? Am i supposed to use the


function again?
Any advice would be appreciated.

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