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We are at the moment making a tank simulator and uses fmod as sound system. Here is the situation:
The tank we are simulating has 14 specific high priority sounds which must always be played. (Machine gun, canon, changing amo, motor etc)
We have up to 50 enemy forces which also makes sounds like motor, shots, detonations, explotions etc.
We use a creative audigy2 sound card, and we use hardware channels only. When we call play we always use FSOUND_FREE to allocate new channels. When starting a new game, every enemy force gets a looped sound (motor sound). We set priority on each sound so that our own tank sounds has priority 255, and other entities has 150. Transient sounds have an even lower priority then the motor sounds from the enemy. The problem starts when we go into action. All the transient sounds (detonation, explotions etc) will kick out the looped engine sounds from the enemies, and also the sounds from our own tank. When theese looped sounds are kicked out, the enemy forces will drive around whitout engine sounds.

Is there a way to set priority on a sound before we call Play? If this is not possible, how can we run through all the playing sounds to check which priority these have? This way we can deside if we want to play a new sample or not. I know we can organise this by using FSOUND_UNMANAGED but this is something we don’t have time to at the moment.

Svein-Aage Opsal

Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace

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I have tried that before but that did not help. The priority on the channel was still 255. That was with fmod 3.5. Now I have downloaded 3.70 and except for a few interface changes there were no problems. Setting priority whit FSOUND_Sample_SetDefaults works also.

Thanks for your help and quick response, you made my day!
(The boss is happy to :D)


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