we could be saving users a lot of space by sticking fmod.dll in their windows directory rather than the game’s directory, so all games can use the same file rather than having 20 copies of it floating around. the only reason this is not feasible now is because if the dll API changes, then old apps won’t run anymore and will have to be updated.

to fix this i recommend you name the dlls according to backwards compatiblity, for example, the current api 370 would be named fmodcea.dll, and all games would put that file in the windows dir if it wasn’t there or has a higher date than the cur file, and NOT remove it on uninstall. when 371 comes out the dll name would be the same if the API doesn’t change, fmodcea.dll, since all apps linked to fmodcea use the same API, they will all still work when the file is updated on the device. then when the next API comes along the file is renamed to fmodceb.dll and so on.

you could do the same for desktop pcs but space isn’t really a concern, and the dll is compressed, so it would just be a waste, but for the ppc this might be useful, what do you think?

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