After running FMOD successfully under Windows-XP and Visual C#, I wanted to implement sound-effects as shown in the C++ sample.
As I am not a sound-expert, I simply copy what You guys programmed.
And there’s a funny problem:
First I implement only Echo. It works fine for about 30 seconds, then there is a NULL-Reference Exception in FMOD. I took out all code from the callback-function:

private unsafe void* Echo_Callback(void *originalbuffer, void *newbuffer, int length, int param)
return newbuffer;

One shouldn’t think there would be any problem anymore (besides that there is no echo). But after about 30 seconds: NULL-Reference Exception in FMOD.
Priority of Echo is USER+2 just like in the sample.

By the way, I implemented also the Oscillator long time ago – just like in the sample – and it works great, never any problem.

Does anybody have any idea, what could be the problem???


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