When using SetEndCallback, I receive a ‘VB6 caused an invalid page fault in
module VBA6.DLL…’ error after several minutes.
When logging all steps to a log file, the error occures when returning from a sub-function and never returns due this error.
The same function works fine several times before with endcallback and is used by an api-timer (settimer) each 300ms without any problems.
As this error occurs overnight when I’m sleeping, I’m not sure if the error occurs only when ONE stream is left open when endcallback occurs, or during crossfading but the new song is still played to the end.
Only tested with FMOD 3.70/3.71

Anyone any idea?

Has anyone the official CallBack function API used for Stream_SetEndCallback?
Do I have to ‘close’ callback-definitions (e.g. setting SetEndCallBack address to 0)?

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