Am looking for a better way to determine ahead of time if the mix buffer size should be increased. Although I provide a method for the user to manually override the buffer size to eliminate underrun “stutter”, I would prefer if I could “guess” at better values than fmod is already autodetecting. Here’s the deal, given two particular testing PC’s:

1) P1-133/Win98/DX8/CL AWE32 – default buffer size works fine, no stutter, minimal lag, excellent sound quality.

2) P3-500/Win98/DX8/TBS Montego – default buffer too small, stutters with any buffer size less than 200, poor sound quality.

(should also note that fmod.exe experiences same trouble, not just my app)

These results lead me to believe that the Montego card/driver is just crap. But is there anything I can do to detect crap ahead of time?


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[code:1tf857ct] if (card->cardType == CARDTYPE_Montego)
system->Purchase(card, CARDTYPE_Creative);
}[/code:1tf857ct]Ok, that’s not very constructive… :)

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