What sort of capabilities does FMOD have with regards to .sgt (DirectMusic) playback? As far as I’ve seen, it seems to treat them identically to MIDI, except for looping, which it handles correctly. (the most noticeable – and annoying – issue, is that to play SGT files it uses the standard MIDI device instead of (by default) GM.dls which eliminates the advantage of SGTover MID in that playback should sound identical on all devices.) Is there the capacity for any of the more powerful aspects of SGT: DLS, groove levels, variations, etc, or to accomplish those would I need to instead use the DirectX SDK?

I use SGT as opposed to other music formats exactly because of these capabilities, and because for now I have no need of writing for non-Windows systems, but would hate to have to switch to the SDK from FMOD – FMOD’s much smaller size being the primary reason, and its better interface being secondary.

Any help or information you can give me would be greatly appreciated…thanks in advance.

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