I’ve got the data array with 512 values from getspectrum.
I read in the forum that from one value to the next the frequency rises
43 Hz. (so for example the 5th value of the float array represents the amplitude of 215 Hz ?).

Does this mean that i cannot get the frequencies which are not multiples of 43 ?
And not distinguish between frequencies of which the distance is
less than 43 Hz ?

Example :

I’ve got a monton signal (for example the note a (440 hz) ) coming in from the Line in.

The note b (a halfe-tone higher) is ca. 470 Hz.

SO how can I analyse what note is played by looking at the values of
the float array : a or b ?

470 – 440 = 30 => 30 < 43 => smaller than the minimum step of 43.

So is this FFT not “fine” enough to do things like that ?


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i have an idea :

i think the value 43 comes from

44100/1024 = 43hz.

If I’d set the frequency to 22050, or better to 11025 with setfrequency(…)

then 11025/1024 =~ 10hz. => smaller steps in the array, better recognition of a single frequnency !

Is this correct ?

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