:( Hi all…

I’m new from here, and i want start early with a question!!!
I wanna create a program in delphi that it take the audio output
from mixer or from soundcard and show me (return to me) the spectrum
of the audio listened A “Live Spectrum”!
This is an easy thing, to show the spectrum of a song, if I
create a program that load a file and then play it!!!
But i don’t wanna do this… I wanna to use others programs to play the songs
or.. to speak in my mic, and I want to see the spectrum in this way.
I have found a program that do this by the mic line… but
this program is an exe compiled… and I wanna have the source to do it myself
also with the line out.

I hope that anyone there can help me to do this!!!

Please if anybody have an idea or best the solution… contact me

at ttaglie@tin.it or write me here!

Thanks to all!

P.S. sorry for my “very bed” english, but I’m not english!!! 😳

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See the “record” example in the samples directory, it is in C but it show wich FMOD function to use and how they works. (just put FSOUND_GetSpectrum() in the dsp callback of this example)

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The demo in the directory of samplesdelphi can tell you how to do this.
Good Lucky

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