Question 1:

I am using FX and got it working fine but when I enable the flanger with this code:




It enables just fine but is there a trick I can use so it doesn’t have a brief pause while it is enabled? It is so small but just curious if anybody has had the same problem and thought of a good solution.. Thanks in advance.

2nd Question:

I am curious about the licensing of FMOD. Lets say I have one product I want to release. If the product is named “Product v1” and then a year later I release another of same product but different version (i.e. Product v2) will I need to purchase another license for different versions or do I only have to purchase another license for a different product (i.e. Diff Product v1)?

Also is there limitations to including 2 or more .dlls with my package (i.e. fmod1.dll, fmod2.dll) within the same package? Do I have to purchase a license per file I include with my package?

Thanks so much in advance


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Now lets see if I understand.

I have DJ software I want to sell and if I release say

DJ Mixing 2004

And then a year later I release a redesigned version called

DJ Mixing 2005

That would constitute a new license.

If I was to make a different package called

DJ Mixing Basic

That would also constitute a new license.

Now if I release DJ Mixing 2004 and a couple months or whatever I release a update/bug fix that wouldn’t require a new license.

Now if I release the product

DJ Mixing version 1

then 1 year later release another called

DJ Mixing version 2

Would that require a license? Both examples are the same because if I would use the name 2004 I would have a version 1 and then 2005 would be a version 2.

Just trying to be clear on this so I am legit.

Thanks brett

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