Hi there.
I am working on a project and I need to create modules that take in a buffer with WAV data, apply effects, and then return a buffer in WAV format.
Does anyone know if this is possible with FMOD or have any idea of how to do this?

Be Well.

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Yes it’s no problem.
You can do it easily by creating your own DSP-Unit inside the DSP-chain, see the tutorial or examples for details.

Here a summary:
You define a Procedure that is called by fmod as a callback every time, when the next buffer is filled. You get a pointer to the bufferdata, that you modify and return a pointer to the new (or modified in place)-buffer, which is transferred to the next place in chain.
But so you can only access your data while playing your sample/stream.

Or you can create a stream with the LoadMemory-flag and so point it to a self-made buffer. Then you have to load or create the data yourself inside it. So you could create your own streams in queue BEFORE all the Channel / SetFrequency and Mixer – routines.

Some more examples (source in PB) are here: http://fmod.2mal2mal.de
(Simple_LPF for DSP-callback, SineMouse for Stream_Create-Callback)

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