I’m quite new to fmod so maybe this is a stupid question. I want to get a message (i.e. a callback) 10 seconds before the end of a song to crossfade to the next song.

Some background information:
I’m using fmod for a game so the songs I’ve to care about are made by ourselves (I don’t have to care about a deferred end of a song).
I’m planing to use the .ogg format.

As far as I know the easiest approach would be polling with FSOUND_Stream_GetTime. But this approach is very inefficient for (lets say) 5 streams (song and ambient noise) at the same time, isn’t it?

My next idea was to retrieve the length of the song and write my own trigger system which gives me a callback 10 seconds before a song ends. This method would be quite inaccurate if there is some lag, but I think this method would be acceptable in combination with polling.

Then I read something about tags within .wav files (or .wav’s with .mp3 compression). Are these tags with .ogg compression possible too?

What is the most efficient way to solve this problem in your opinion?

Thanks for reading this.

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