It’s not a problem concerning fmod, but maybe someone here have had this problem. So, i would like to know how my app can know whena cd is inserted ou ejected by the user. Sometimes ago, i made a program under windows, and the os send a specific message. maybe linux does the same, but i don’t know what message is it and how to manage to use it.

I have a another question concerning fmod and kdevelop. when i compile my app, i’ve got warning such like this one : [i:gmphta3z]fmod_errors.h:5: warning: `char* FMOD_ErrorString(int)’ defined but not used [/i:gmphta3z], I’ve got a friend who use the same project and who doesn’t have those warnings, on top of that, i have to include fmod.h, fmoddyn.h,fmod_errors.h in the file of my project. My friend doesn’t have to do that. i think it’s a bad configuration of kdevelop, or a bad installation of fmod, but i don’t know what to do. (I only add in Project>Option> linker option i add lfmod-3.71).

thanks for your help.

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