I’am not sure if this is related to my code, the OS or what. Can’t see it being my code but then again anything is possiblity. If I am playing a mp3 via a stream and pause it for a long period of time say 20 or 30 or 40 minutes, when I unpause the entire os almost grounds to a stop eating up massive cpu for a moment or two.

I do have it running through a winamp audio plugin, hooked via fmod dsp call backs, I have set the stream at 20 ms. I have 512 megs of memory with not much else running at the time, except a few IE windows, running on XP Pro, 2.0 gig cpu.

The application is written via VC++ 6.0, the application is using DX mainly DD to preform some visuals, but since the player is in ‘small mode’ visuals are not being rendered.

Any ideas, anyone else run accrros this problem?


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