I’m using this great lib to play OGG files on a smartphone, but
I have some issues with the Init.

I’m initializing at 44100, and the init sometime crashes. I saw
in the Doc that only 22050 should be used on smartphone, but
sound is so much better at 44100…

Do you have any idea what is causing the crash ?

I tried to trap the exceptions, without success, also I tried to init
the waveoutopen by hand at 44100 just before fmodinit (to be sure
it could be opened at this frequency at this time), and my init
is working, but fmodinit still crashes…
Maybe I could help finding what’s going on…


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The issue is not with my application, it crashes inside the FSOUND_Init
function. (It never returns, and kills my process after a sec)
But it works fine if I set 22050 instead of 44100.

The Doc for FSOUND_Init says :
“mixrate Output rate in hz between 4000 and 65535. Any thing outside this will cause the function to fail and return FALSE.
PS2 Note. Only rates of 24000 and 48000 are supported.
[b:cv5v6hhk]SmartPhone Note. Use 22050 or the operating system may crash outside of the control of fmod[/b:cv5v6hhk].”

I was wondering if I could help to find what was going on …


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