I searched about it. And I found out it is updated every 25ms. But please assume it is updated immediately and tell me the truth.

If “FSOUND_Stream_GetTime” is called in DSP Callback, does it returns the time of end of the processing samples? or start of the processing samples?

Every DSP Callback has this parameters.
“MyDSPCallback(void *originalbuffer, void *newbuffer, int length, int param)”
If I call “FSOUND_Stream_GetTime” in that Callback function, what I get is the time of starting point of ‘originalbuffer’?

( The time of starting point of ‘originalbuffer’ means
the time length from start of sound file
to the starting point of ‘originalbuffer’ )

p.s. Also can I know the Update timing of FSOUND_Stream_GetTime? It is before the DSP chain or after the DSP chain?

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