I’ve been using ModPlug Tracker to create music for a little 2d game I’m in the middle of writing – I’m starting with the fun parts, i.e. music & graphics, because I’ve already played with C++ and DirectX and know I can handle the programming. I’m currently using the Impulse Tracker format for music.

On to my problem. I’ve completed one of the tracks, and it sounds fine when played back via ModPlug. When played back with the FMOD player, however, there are clicks/pops at the beginning of some of the samples. I’m pretty sure the waves themselves don’t have clicks at the beginning, and ModPlug doesn’t generate any even with resampling turned off. Why does FMOD generate these clicks, and what can I do about it? Note I’ve not yet explored the FMOD API and played the file from an application of my own, just the FMOD player.

I’ve thought about perhaps just recording the playback from ModPlug and converting it to MP3 format..I don’t really want to do that though, as the size of the Impulse Tracker file is currently only 205kb; also, I need the track looped as seamlessly as possible, and tracker music loops with no interruption.

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