I’m using a mixture of mp3 and ogg files in my application, and while the mp3 playout appears to be completely reliable, ogg file playout sometimes has problems (fmod 3.72)…

I’m currently experiencing the following problems:

  • Sometimes ogg files appear to play OK (timer counts through track), but there is no output. It doesn’t appear to be any particular streams that do this.

  • Sometimes the sync points fire off way too early. This might be unrelated as it could be a problem with calculating the sampe number to set the sync point on (is there a recommended way to convert timing in ms to sample rate for ogg files? The code works fine for mp3 files but I know for certain the sample rate of these (44.1) however I can’t seem to find this setting for ogg files – or a way to interrogate an ogg file to get the data from the file. What is particularly odd is that sometimes the sync points seem to work, sometimes they don’t!

Help! Am I doing anything wrong, is there anything I should be doing or being careful when using ogg files or is anyone else finding this problem? I’ve tried using MPEG_ACCURATE in the stream open code but this doesn’t appear to make any difference to this problem.

fmod version:3.72, os:win 2k, lang:delphi

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