i have some design problems…. for me it would be nice if FSOUND_Stream_SetTime() returns AFTER reaching the new position even when i did not use the FSOUND_NONBLOCKING flag. is there a way to check whether a stream is still seeking or if it is finished..

would be cool if FSOUND_Stream_GetOpenState() returns maybe -6 for stream is seeking… ..fmod4 ?


and -> This guy posts too much ?
i did not know that a posting limit exists.. hmmm

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that sounds great! brett: please be so kind and and think about the GetToc() feature we talked in a different thread… it would help on doing the freedb stuff….

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I do the FSOUND_Stream_SetTime() right after the user releases the position slider. every 50 ms i peek the playposition with the FSOUND_Stream_GetTime() function to update the actual position of the slider. so when i release the mouse near the end of a stream (about 70mins) you can see that the position slider jumps back to the beginning and then scroll very fast to the new position (during the seek operation)… it seems to me that the settime() function is “nonblocking” ..

finally i found out what the problem is.. It is not a nonblocking settime() function… but gettime() delivers right after seeking maybe 500ms the old playback position.. i think this is due to buffering… look at this output:

Position: 3225
Position: 3295
Position: 3341
Position: 3411
Position: 3480
Position: 3527
Position: 3596
Position: 3666
Position: 3736
Position: 3782
Position: 3852
Position: 3922
Position: 3968
Position: 4038
Position: 4107
Position: 4154
Position: 4223
Position: 4293
Position: 4339
Position: 4409
Position: 4479
Position: 4548
Position: 4595
Position: 4665
Position: 4734
Position: 4781
Position: 4850
Position: 4920
Position: 4966
Position: 5036
Position: 5106
Position: 5152
requesting Seek Position: 1501130
tooks 31 ms
Position: 5222
Position: 5291
Position: 5361
Position: 5408
Position: 5477
Position: 5547
Position: 1501153
Position: 1501222
Position: 1501292
Position: 1501339
Position: 1501408
Position: 1501478
Position: 1501524
Position: 1501594
Position: 1501664
Position: 1501733
Position: 1501780
Position: 1501849
Position: 1501919
Position: 1501965
Position: 1502035

here you can see whats happening. the position gets outputted aprox every 50ms (windows timer, not accurate because no multimedia timer)
now it isnt so hard finding a solution for me.
thx for attention brett

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i replaced my dll and —-> Works!! my workarround is obsolete…


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