How come’s when adjusting the balance (left and right pan) it’s not
reflected in the left and right volume channels ??

I must admit I’m still only using version 3.6 if this is the case has this
been resolved in the latest version if so I will update.

Regards Leo

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Hi Brett,
When adjusting the volume with FSound_setvolume the actual levels returned with FSOUND_GetCurrentLevels will reflect the change this is not true with the balance using FSOUND_SetPan it seems that although
the actual balance will change the volume levels returned with FSOUND_GetCurrentLevels remain the same. I know it’s an old version I’m using and I will update to 3.73 to see if this resolves the issue.

Thanks for the the reply


PS Congratulations on a Sound engine second to none and a support
forum with the same attributes ! 😉

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