Some question on ASIO / Fmod problems:
Sorry in advance from my poor knowledge in ASIO/ Fmod environments…

1/ problem:
I didn’t find the ASIOconfig.exe in your download; I downloaded from Internet;
is there any function we can call to have the same function from a program?

2nd problem
I’m testing the samples in C++ and delphi of fmod 3.72;
I’m on Win XP, using a Lynx card AES16, 8 stereo channels;

in the config page, I can choose the driver ASIO; no problem
In the config page: I can see all the channels of the ASIO driver;

First question: I’m seeing them as stereo channels with right and left channels; but not from (c0,c1) ; (c2,c3), (c4,c5)….
but like this (c0,c1), (c1,c2), (c2,c3)……
Is there a way I can define in Fmod what I want to use ?

2nd question:
Using the channels until 9, there is no problem;
After 9, begining from 10 to 15; the output is done on diferent channels (from 0 to 8) without a clear pattern;
Does someone have an idea on this problem?

3rd question:
In delphi (or C++) I want to be able to play from one application on the different audio output physical channels of my card;
Right now if I’m trying to run more than one instance of the sample, I have an error message about the init-engine;
Is there any possibility to load dyna;ically another instance of fmod.dll?
is there any other trick to have runing from one application more than one player on diferent physical channel?

Thank you for your help


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