There’s been a few posts recently about CDDA so I thought I’d just take a moment to comment on a few things :

If CDDA playback is skipping make sure your stream buffer size is big enough i.e. FSOUND_Stream_SetBufferSize(2000);

If it’s still skipping, try turning jitter correction off by using the "j" option on FSOUND_Stream_Open. Check the docs for details. Jitter correction slows down CDDA playback a [b:16jpc76a]lot[/b:16jpc76a] and many drives are accurate enough that they don’t need it so give the user the option of turning it off.

If you can’t get CDDA to work at all with FMOD – I mean no playback at all – try a few other programs that do CDDA like Windows Media Player, Exact Audio Copy, CDEX etc. If it doesn’t work with them then fix your machine. If it does work with them then try using the "a" option to FSOUND_Stream_Open. This option forces FMOD to use ASPI to access the CD.

If it still doesn’t work and you’re running Windows 98/ME then maybe your ASPI layer isn’t working properly. Adaptec has a free tool that checks your ASPI layer and tells you if it’s in working order or not. Download it here:

http://www.adaptec.com/worldwide/suppor … xe&sess=no

If it’s not working then you might want to try fixing it by going here :


…and downloading a program called "Force ASPI". This site also has a good explanation of what ASPI is and why you should care.

[b:16jpc76a]Warning! Only use Force ASPI if you know what you’re doing! Firelight Technologies won’t be held responsible if you break your machine![/b:16jpc76a]

If CDDA still doesn’t work then there’s a very slim chance you can fix it by flashing the firmware of your CD/DVD drive. This is risky and you could totally break your drive by doing it so the only advice I’ll give, if you absolutely [b:16jpc76a]must[/b:16jpc76a] flash your drive, is to use google until you know what you’re doing.

If you’re having problems with CDDA and FMOD that aren’t covered here then download FMOD’s cddatest program :

It does some tests and writes out a file called "fmodcdda.log". Send this file to support@fmod.org and we’ll work with you to fix the problem.


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