I have come a significant way with my mp3 player and have been doing some bug busting when I noticed something. Everytime my cpu usage jumps up to 100% the sound/stream gets corrupted… I know this is to be suspected as the app I was trying to open is probably taking most of the cycles and leaving little to none for my player. However I was expecting that after cpu usage returns to normal or at least to a level where fmod has enough to decode the mp3’s that the stream would return to playing normally. This didnt happen, for some reason the stream remain corrupted. Corrupted in thesense that you can hear the music but there is alot of crackling, static and wierd sound effects ( I have not programed any). Does anyone know why this would happen and a possible fix. If your curious on how the music is being played then my setup is identical to mp3 example.

Thanks for you time

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