I’m new to FMOD and would like to get some advice on how to use it in my particular case. I’m implementing a sound manager .dll for a graphics program (on windows, MSVC). The sound manager is expected to handle sets of samples/streams for 2D and 3D applications.

The default sound manager that comes with the program uses the DirectSoundBuffer object as the format to pass the sounds between itself and other program components. I can modify the sound manager but not the other program components. Since those components are sending/receiving DirectSoundBuffers, I need some way to work around it.

Is there a way to convert the buffer data from DirectSound to FMOD and vice versa? The default sound manager has a CreateSource() function, where it uses a WAVEFROMATEX header to create a new buffer. Or am I missing the point and am I supposed to use DirectX and FMOD together in some way? If so, is the DirectX/FMOD implementation will still be more efficient than just DirectX?

Thank you //

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