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Recently i’ve come to face a limitation (AFAIK) within FMOD Studio.
If i have, for instance, an Event which has a nested event and then I move it to Top Level (via right clic> Move to Top Level), how does one move that Top Level event to be a nested one once again without using CTRL-Z?


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Hi Edel,

If you right click on the event instrument in the parent event’s timeline or parameter, you will have the option to convert it into a nested event.

Please note that this makes a copy of the event being converted and places it as a nested event of the parent. The non-nested event will no longer be referenced. If you wish to keep your project clean, be sure to remove the event that isn’t a referenced event anymore.


  • Edel Gerardo Macias Muñoz

    Thank you very much, Richard! I spent a lot of time trying to find where to do that! You’re a life saver

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