I want to move a project to a new computer, but Fmod isnt saving the audio files.
Everything is intact, except for the actual audio files.

I’m using Fmod version 1.08.01.
A friend of mine has the same problem on another project, another computer, using the same version. Any ideas how I can make a copy of the project without loosing the audio files? Thanks!

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Hi Zid,

When you say you’re trying to move a project, how are you doing this?

If you select File > Package Project, you need to ensure that “Audio Assets” to ensure the audio files are being included in this.


  • Zid
    • Zid
    • 7 months ago
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    I can’t see any “Package Project”. But I found out the solution myself:

    I had entered a custom directory in the Asset Folders preference. I simply deleted the custom directory and the project copied over the save files as normal.

    Thank you anyway!

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I found a solution.
I had put in a custom directory in the Asset Folders preference.
What I did to reset was to manually import the audio file folder hierarchy into the new projects Asset folder, and then I removed the custom directory from my Asset Folder Preference.


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