Hi guys,

I have problems with Fmod version on mac (I tried on an imac and on my mac book pro) when loading project, it’s bad inconsistant playback issues.

When I load a project sometimes the playback button does not respond anymore and I have to quit and reload the project a certain amount of times until things go back to normal so that I can playback again in the Fmod project.

You know if there’s a fix for that? Thanks!

  • Joseph Harvey

    On Mac OS, log files are stored in:
    ~/Library/Application Support/FMOD Studio

    You can navigate to a specific folder by selecting Go > Go to Folder… in the Finder menu bar.

    Alternatively, the ‘contact support@fmod.com…’ command in FMOD Studio’s ‘Help’ menu allows you to send us a message with the session log attached.

  • Thuan Seah Tan


    Can I just verify the location of FMOD Studio on your machine? Looking at the log, it appears Studio was attempting to load plugins from the location “/private/var/folders/jc/scnrwzrx0zbd4n0wkmwhh_xh0000gp/T/AppTranslocation/D5B6E5D3-63C5-4BE3-A0E8-B48AA2F88D67/d/FMOD” which is rather odd.

  • Steve


    It’s located in my Application folder : /Applications/FMOD Studio/FMOD Studio.app

  • Thuan Seah Tan

    Thanks for the clarification. It would appear Mac OSX 10.12 would run applications in a temporary disk image (i.e. the way it appears to be running on your machine) if the application does not meet the requirement defined in your security settings (App store application only, or App store application or signed. Studio falls under the signed developer id category).

    In my testing, this does not appear to have any impact on the playback. If you do encounter the playback issue again, could you bring up the Studio’s Preferences and proceed to the “Audio” tab and check if there is any error messages? If nothing usual is displayed there, could you try sending us the logs via the Help->contact support@fmod.com menu option and make sure the “Attach application log” is checked in the dialog?

  • Steve

    Hum.. there is seem to be a pb for sending mail directly to your support team via the application Fmod. See :


    So I sent you a mail directly to the adress you mentionned with all the logs.

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