Is it possible to trigger snapshots by string from game engine, but make them trigger not imidiate, but controlled by parameter wich will controll the merging/xfade ammount between snapshots?

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You can expose the snapshot intensity as a parameter, then set it from your game. E.g:

  1. Select the snapshot in the tool.
  2. Right click the Intensity dial in the deck, and select “Expose as Parameter”.
  3. From game code, create the snapshot instance and set its intensity as required (percent should be from 0 to 100):

    FMOD::Studio::EventDescription* snapshotDescription = NULL;
    system->getEvent("snapshot:/my_snapshot_name", &snapshotDescription); // can get path from tool
    FMOD::Studio::EventInstance* snapshotInstance = NULL;
    snapshotInstance->start(); // begin the snapshot
    snapshotInstance->setParameterValue("Intensity", 50.0f); // e.g. set to blend 50%
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