Hello! Using snapshots for muting/unmuting audio I found the following case. Snapshot muting audio in fading manner works fine. But snaphot muting audio immediately works from time to time, moreover when I start this snapshot playback state is always FMOD_STUDIO_PLAYBACK_PLAYING even if the snapshot doesn’t work. Event if I add zero automation curve to the snapshot it still doesn’t work. Could you pls say what can be a reason for that and how it can be fixed? If possible.


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Hi Pavel,

I have tried using a non-fading (re: no AHDSR on the Intensity) snapshot to mute a bus both in the FMOD Studio tool and in game, however I did not experience the snapshot not applying as you have.

Could you please provide a bit more information?

  • Are you able to reproduce this in the FMOD Studio tool?
  • What game engine are you using?
  • How is this snapshot being called (eg. Unity event emitter, code, etc.)?
  • Have you got any other snapshots in play during the times this issue arises?
  • How is this snapshot set up (eg. AHDSR, automations, etc.)?


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