I know the title is a duplicate of this: https://www.fmod.org/questions/question/systemsetoutput-after-studiosysteminitialize/

But I’m having a new special problem with the setOutput function. As Mathew Block states in the link, on windows you can change output mode after system::initialize. However, it does not seem to work properly. If I keep my default (FMOD_OUTPUTTYPE_WASAPI) output mode and then swap to FMOD_OUTPUTTYPE_NOSOUND_NRT after initialize. The “NRT”, non-realtime, part does not apply. My sound disappears, but it’s still in real time.

If I do it the other way around, set output mode to FMOD_OUTPUTTYPE_NOSOUND_NRT before initialize and then swap to FMOD_OUTPUTTYPE_WASAPI after initialize, the sound start playing, but it’s till in non-realtime mode. So it seems that you can change output mode after initialize (the getOutput even gives you the value you passed). But it will be locked to “non-realtime” or “realtime” respectively depending on what you chose before initialize.

I’m using 1.08.11, but I’ve looked though the change log of newer version and not found any related fix.
So is this a bug or I’m I using it wrong?

I use “raw” FMOD via the C# wrapper in Unity if that matters.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Mikael, thanks for your report. I’ve logged this issue as a bug and we’ll fix it in a future version. Cheers.

  • Mikael Eriksson

    Would you possibly have any ETA on this? I’m working on trying to restart the whole runtime while the game is running as a workaround, but it’s not working out too well, so to have this fixed would be really preferable!

  • Cameron Baron

    We don’t have an estimate just yet as it still requires some time to investigate.

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