So im sure this has been asked before, but i cant find the answer.
In a nutshell we have a game that requires different BGM for level sections.

Each section has an event created with the proper loop regions and settings.

my next step was to set up a ” master event ” with 6 tracks and 6 parameters then i drag the previously created event into the track section and call my params as i need them… works great EXCEPT…..

All the audio tracks are playing on the time line at the same time, so when i call a different track up it starts wherever the timeline marker is…

That does not work for my application.. i need the tracks to start from the beginning..

Some help would be greatly appreciated..

Thanks in advance!!!!!

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It sounds like you’re using volume automation on parameters as the only way of determining when particular tracks become audible. I recommend also adding parameter conditions to the event sound modules on each track; This will allow you to specify a particular range of parameter values that the parameter cursor has to enter before the sound module will begin to play.

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