Firelight Technologies provides world class technical support direct from the developers that build and maintain the software. There are multiple channels of support available to all customers regardless of licensing.

Public Questions and Answers

The questions/answers database is a great place to start, filled with over a decade of user questions and answers, tutorials, knowledge base items and advice. Firelight staff and savvy FMOD users regularly respond to questions, usually within a day or two of posting. Go to Q&A database


Find the full programmer API documentation for the low level FMOD API and FMOD Studio API. Access tutorials, Unity Integration information, UE4 Integration information, revision histories and API reference right here online. Go to online documentation

Videos and Education/Certification

In this section, you can find FMOD video tutorial series, as well as information about FMOD’s online training course for certification. This is a great resource for learning up about FMOD Studio. Go to education and video section