Videos and Education/Certification

This is a page dedicated to helping users learn more about FMOD Studio. In this section you will find resources for training and certification, as well as our official video page with FMOD Studio YouTube tutorials and their non-video transcripts.

YouTube Videos and Transcripts

FMOD continues to support users with its series of tutorial videos hosted on the FMODTV channel on YouTube. Check out the latest tips and techniques and learn about FMOD products at your own pace.

Note that most videos have text/screenshot transcripts for those who would rather read text based material.

FMOD Studio 1.08 Features (video only)
FMOD Studiuo 1.08 Features

  • Assets Browser Update
  • In-Studio Editing
  • 3D Object Panner
  • Platform Build Settings
  • FMOD Studio Adaptive Music
    FMOD Studio Adaptive Music

  • Adaptive Music in FMOD Studio
  • Parameters and Effects in Adaptive Music
  • Transition Markers and Logic
  • Transition Timelines and Submixes
  • FMOD Studio and Unity 5: Viking Village (video only)
    FMOD Unity Viking Village

  • Getting Started
  • Basic Sounds
  • Layered and Randomized Sounds
  • Footsteps and Music
  • Mixing
  • FMOD Studio and Unity 5: Survival Shooter (video only)
    FMOD Unity Survival Shooter

  • Up and Running
  • Character Sounds
  • Adaptive Music
  • Mixer Snapshots
  • Profiling and Final Touches
  • FMOD Studio and Unreal Engine 4 Integration
    FMOD Studio and Unreal Engine 4 Integration

  • FMOD Studio for UE4 Integration Setup
  • Sounds and Components
  • Multi-track Sound Design for UE4
  • Character Sound Implementation in UE4
  • Mixing and Snapshots for UE4
  • Dynamic Car Engine in UE4
  • FMOD Studio 1.06: The Profiler
    FMOD Studio 1.06: The Profiler

  • Profiler Introduction
  • Profiler Instant Replay
  • Unreal Engine 4 and Unity Integration Documentation

    FMOD provides resources for learning how to integrate FMOD into your UE4 or Unity project. Follow links below to read documentation on engine integrations.

    Unreal Engine 4