Any possibility for an estimation when the plugin binaries for 4.9 will be out?

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As of 1.06.10 we’re now building the plugin against Unreal 4.9.

It is available from

  • Jacqueline Rocha
    Does the plugin work for Unreal 4.9.1?
  • Geoff Carlton
    Yep, Epic’s patch releases are compatible with plugins from the main release. So any 4.9.x version will work!
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We’re going to release for 4.9 next week. It was going to be this week, but we had a hitch with our build machine.

However, the current version already works with 4.9, if you compile the plugin yourself. To do that, you can do the following:

  • Make sure you have Visual Studio 2013 free edition installed
  • Make sure FMODStudio is NOT in the engine Plugins directory
  • Create a new empty code project, using any of the templates
  • Create a new Plugins directory under the game’s directory
  • Add FMODStudio to the Plugins directory
  • Re-generate the project files (Visual Studio or XCode). On windows, you can right click the .uproject file and choose “Generate Visual Studio project files”
  • Build the game for Development Editor|Win64, and for any other configuration you want.
  • It will generate the plugin binaries for the new engine version.
  • You can then copy the FMODStudio into the engines directory, or keep using it under a game Plugins directory
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