Is it possible to add ambisonics (b-format files) support? at least a playback system….


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Thanks for the feature request, Ambisonics is something we’re keeping an eye on and b-format decoding is on our todo list.

We now have support for Ambisonics decoding via the GoogleVR plugin that ships with FMOD on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android.

  • Mathew Block

    I’ve updated my answer to reflect that we do indeed have FOA support now via the GVR plugin.

  • Benjamin

    I’m having issues with the GVR Soundfield plugin. The info from Google’s site is not specific enough. Since the Soundfield plugin goes on the audio track and not the master, does there need to be anything special on the master track? Should there be no plugins on the master track? I’m assuming the event should be placed on the Player but I can’t get this going. Would be grateful for some help. Thanks!

  • Mathew Block

    Put the GVR soundfield plugin on the master track of the event, also place the FOA file on the event master track. The Google documentation is incorrect and needs updating.

  • Luis

    Mathew, thank you so much, you seem the only one addressing this important issue. I did as you suggested, the FOAfile on the vent master track and the sound field plugin as well. I can not audition through my headphones, is that normal? Do I have to imported into a 360 video in Unity?

  • Mathew Block

    Have you added the GVR listener to the master of the global mixer? This is where the signal created by the GVR soundfield and source plugins send their audio.

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