Is it possible to add ambisonics (b-format files) support? at least a playback system….


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Thanks for the feature request, Ambisonics is something we’re keeping an eye on and b-format decoding is on our todo list.

We now have support for Ambisonics decoding via the GoogleVR plugin that ships with FMOD on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android.

  • Mathew Block

    I’ve updated my answer to reflect that we do indeed have FOA support now via the GVR plugin.

  • Mathew Block

    Yes, it is accessible, just a bit of work. You can use System::loadPlugin to load the DLL, System::getNumNestedPlugins and System::getNestedPlugin to get the 3 GVR plugin handles, then System::createDSPByPlugin to create them from the nested handles. You can add them to Channels or ChannelGroups with addDSP and control the parameters via DSP::setParameter. You can enumerate the parameters with DSP::getNumParameters and DSP::getParameterInfo. Be aware you’ll also need to drive the 3D attributes for the panner yourself with FMOD_DSP_PARAMETER_3DATTRIBUTES.

  • Cameron Baron

    Try using none bogus values, as we don’t have any vision into Google’s plugin code it may be affecting it. Make sure you are setting the number of listeners to 1, setting values on the zero-th listener and using unit vectors for up and forward.

    If none of that helps you may need to contact Google because, as I mentioned, we don’t have access to their plugin/code.

  • Martin Cvengros

    yup, using 1 listener all along
    will set up all vectors properly and possibly reply here
    btw thanks for guide, hope I didn’t hijack the thread completely )

  • Martin Cvengros

    Just FYI – DSP_PARAMETER_3DATTRIBUTES works for me consistently with sane input values. *
    ( it’s probably not possible to get something reasonable with _MULTI – the weird overlap with DSP_PARAMETER_3DATTRIBUTES would explain the inability to get meaningful output, inconsistent crashes and various other dragons ).

    Thank you both very much for patience and answering the questions.

    * for 3d source, should I say. :) – ambisonics seem to be better with DSP_PARAMETER_3DATTRIBUTES_MULTI

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